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We met the Chief Revenue Officer of SafetyWing when she started to scale Remote Health - insurance for remote teams. The first Sales Development Reps had just joined, but troubles in booking qualified meetings for the Account Executives persisted. Meanwhile, the VP of Sales came on board and asked us to lead the SDR team. That was the start of a great friendship.

sales meetings
in revenue (from $1.1M)
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With the mission and vision well defined, SafetyWing started its journey of welcoming this new B2B product by hiring 4 Junior Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to help generate pipeline. After a while, due to the unsatisfactory results, they understood something was wrong and tried to clarify what was causing problems and blocking sales.

  1. SDRs were struggling to book sufficient meetings.
  2. Understand the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
  3. Structure processes on inbound and outbound sales flow.

At this stage, Revenue Precision was brought on board to tackle these challenges, working closely with the Vice President (VP) of Sales & Chief Revenue Officer.

Teaming Up

Firstly, following our procedures, we needed to truly get to know our new partner and their business in depth. After that, we comprehend how to enter the scenario based on their pressing issues and what they wanted to accomplish. So, working hand in hand with the VP of Sales, we designed a 2 step plan.

Phase 0 - Why Revenue Precision?

We were invited to be part of the guest speakers in a webinar related to outbound sales. It was there that SafetyWing realised they needed our expertise to achieve their dreams.

Webinars, conferences, and events are very powerful - you should be super prepared for them. However, never sleep on inbound opportunities, as well, and be ready for when they come.

Phase 1 - Book Meetings, Understand ICP and Structure Processes

As a starting point, Revenue Precision allocated 3 fully trained SDRs inside the organisation, already with the main challenges in mind. Therefore, the strategy was clear: to book more meetings, perform deep research to understand the ICP, and build successful email messages, continuously evaluating the traction over time.

In the first month, after A/B testing multiple relevant email sequences and iterating on different personas, based on our conclusions, we figured out the sweet spot for the positioning of the B2B solution. The results were “visible from a mile”; SDRs were achieving 3x more demo calls for the Remote Health product, focusing on 4 key industries and the 3 pre-defined personas.

Success came faster than expected, so SafetyWing's management requested us to train and oversee their now 5 internal SDRs and continue these results. After only 2 months of coaching, they readily overcame their quota (10 demo calls/month), resulting in an efficient plan.

“(...) we gained a top producing SDR team without needing to hire, train and ramp up.”
Phase 2 - Scale What Works

SafetyWing is ambitious and voiced the dream to start growing internally, the SDRs team, aiming for higher revenue goals. So, between both parties, it was agreed to phase out the 3 Revenue Precision’s SDRs, implemented at the beginning, and now allocate 2 Senior Consultants, cooperating with the VP of sales, totally focused on the scaling processes.

But, to be better prepared and ready for the new incomers, there were three main changes to do as a pre-stage to this step:

  • Establish CRM rules and processes to accompany the fast pace of increasing opportunities.
  • Avoid SDRs self-reporting, preventing human errors and incomplete information.
  • Align the ICP and Messaging across the organisation.

Finally, with the strategy designed and the company more than prepared to expand the SDR team, our 2 Senior Consultants started the hiring process. Additionally, we were responsible for all the onboarding, training, and coaching of new members, targeting to build a high-quality team.

“They took care of everything, no need for oversight and management."


As a result of good partnership and our complete dedication, since day 1, to achieve more revenue with precise strategies (as always!), our project continues on a mission to bring Remote Health Insurance to everyone and everywhere! What one day was a dream for SafetyWing today is a very well-known reality.

Looking back, our main achievement was the opportunity to develop a strong relationship with everybody because it allowed us to grow and evolve professionally, related to building a successful team.

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SafetyWing is building the first global safety net for remote companies, remote workers and nomads worldwide. Their products are built and designed by a fully remote team of nomads distributed across three continents.

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