“Outside-the-box thinkers who overcome targets”

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, even the most successful and established companies face the need to explore new horizons. Often, innovative ideas and strategies are stacked up, waiting for the right moment… That comes when they decide to go for it and launch a new product - testing new markets, audiences, and industries, even expanding their name on the world map.

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Distance Sales is part of the DS Group but, this time, wanted a stand-alone product, separating all the processes from the primary company and complementing it instead.

The goal was to bridge the gap between selling in retail stores and shopping online, offering an effective and easy-to-use plug-in for all customers.

Due to their vast and long experience, decision-makers were well aware that hiring, onboarding and training internal reps was time-consuming and costly. And, having in mind that the new product was a risky ‘test’, the question emerged:

  • “How to test market fit quickly, without having to dedicate a full team for a new idea?”

Their VP of Sales knew they needed to increase awareness fast by starting booking demos to understand the traction of it - not just in different markets but also in various industries.

Successfully testing this hypothesis would back up Distance Sales as a stand-alone solution, plus a possible entry for the larger company (DS Group).

Teaming Up

Outsourcing sales processes to book demos  efficiently was the way to understand if there was a market for the new product. They knew that from previous experience of working with other outbound agencies.

But the risk was always there, despite this strategy being the wiser one, especially considering time and costs as the main factors. In addition, there was always the worry of long-term consequences if things went sideways.

Therefore, and already as a joint decision, we defined 2 steps. Knowing that we would only advance for the 2nd if the 1st succeeded, prioritizing the most ‘secured’ one.

Phase 0 - Why Revenue Precision?

We’ve successfully worked with their VP of sales in previous projects, and our chemistry spoke for itself - it was nonsense not to assemble again.

On top of that, our performance-based pricing model attracted Distance Sales decision-makers.

Phase 1 - Outbound Sales in the Pre-establish Plan

The VP of Sales was already covering specific markets within the apparel & fashion industry, so we focused there and combined forces into the top of the sales funnel.

As a plug-in solution, their ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) was quite clear, and we figured out that working on a FOMO (fear of missing out) approach was the way to go.

Fact: It’s more painful to lose something than to gain from it.

Phase 2 - Expanding and Conquering

Together, we crushed the first step - for this reason, we stuck to the initial plan and dived into expansion - testing, now, new markets, industries, and countries.

We understood that Distance Sales' new product could go beyond the apparel & fashion industry and be a solution for others, like Furniture, Travel & Tourism, Automotive and Consumer Technology.

But the true game-changing happened when we decided to target countries in their own language, specifically European. Achieving this is due to our multilingual team, not by hiring foreign employees.

“Their mindset is different, always focused on going beyond the initial goals”


Distance Sales fulfilled its vision of achieving independence from DS Group with a valuable product, and, even better, they unlocked new possibilities.

For us, this partnership was the perfect opportunity to test different approaches and go beyond the pre-established ICPs. This process also brought us a lot of learnings and insights for the future on how to reach out in native languages.

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Distance Sales

Founded in 2020

  • 50+ employees
  • Milan, Italy
  • e-Commerce - IT & Internet

Distance Sales International offers a new sales and interaction channel, guaranteeing the best that shopping experiences have to offer, halfway between a physical store and an e-commerce.

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