"Difficult times require special minds"

The COVID era had significant negative impacts on the population and businesses. Some industries, such as Travel and Hospitality, felt it particularly hard. This was the scenario for startups like GuestJoy that needed to find ways to grow revenue and recover from the pandemic.

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GuestJoy, as a small start-up growing out of a difficult market, faced two main challenges in its efforts to increase revenue:

  1. Budget constraints for internal changes.
  2. The risk associated with hiring SDRs.

The limited budget available to the company restricted the ability to make significant changes to its operations or invest in new initiatives. Additionally, hiring SDRs posed a risk as there were no guarantees they would be successful for the company's sales.

These challenges underscore the need for GuestJoy to be strategic and precise in its targets to increase revenue while minimizing losses.

Teaming Up

Just as the hotel's high season was calming down, the collaboration between Revenue Precision and GuestJoy began. Due to the urgency of the implementation and the fast required positive impacts, the process had to be prepared and executed almost simultaneously. Therefore, 2 steps were defined, recognising the low (or nonexistent) margin for risks and errors.

Phase 0 - Why Revenue Precision?

Everything happened due to networking - the effective word-of-mouth spoke in good terms about us, and decision-makers at GuestJoy made their choice.

The funny part is that it occurred during the final process of hiring a new sales leader. When a divergence related to salary led to the final candidate suggesting our partnership instead.

Phase 1 - Allocate one SDR as an Extension of the Sales Team

The SDR would conduct a deep study of specific markets, analyse traction, and assess the ROI of different strategies. It was needed to implement a dedicated outbound sales approach within the hotel industry, focused on setting up meetings with General Managers, Owners, and Marketing Directors from different locations and market sizes.

All this was possible for 1/3rd of the price of hiring and onboarding a junior business development rep.

Phase 2 - Take Maximum Advantage of Conferences and Trade Shows

Maximising opportunities from conferences and trade shows were particularly effective in GuestJoy's recovery process. The strategy was well planned and executed, despite going against their main challenges of increased costs with no guarantees. But the need to take advantage of these events was almost mandatory.

Revenue Precision reached out to valuable attendees in advance to fill the schedule as efficiently as possible, which was very successful. We booked many meetings with relevant prospects days before the conference began. It was an effective way to gain new leads, connect with potential clients, and grow their business with more chances of success.

"The meetings slots fitted perfectly, impressive time planning"


Our cooperation proved to be a successful solution in the face of the unexpected challenges posed by the COVID pandemic. By implementing new sales strategies and techniques, such as targeting conferences with a dedicated team of reps, GuestJoy increased revenue while minimising losses. This partnership helped GuestJoy to navigate through difficult times and find a path to success, making it possible to sell the company.

This case was particularly challenging for us because we had to find answers and bypass external factors that nobody expected. A life-learning experience that taught us to focus on solutions and not on problems.

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