“They showed us the whole iceberg”

The top of the sales funnel can be difficult to trigger, and Klaus was no exception. Even though their AEs had a high close rate, they were not generating enough pipeline, relying heavily on inbound. The goal was to increase the number of sales meetings by having better control over lead generation and qualification, also improving the odds of closing deals.

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Since the beginning, the strategy between AEs and SDRs was not correctly weighted, mainly because the short-term mission focused on closing deals only, devaluing the top of the sales funnel importance.

With that mindset, Klaus kickoff their growth by hiring and training AEs dedicated to exiting the sales funnel successfully and expanding their market share. Due to their highly positive ratio related to these inbound chances, they started pondering other opportunities.

  • Outbound Processes
  • Lead Qualification

So, to maximise the benefit from this leads' gap, they decided to outsource the SDRs strategy implementation.

Teaming Up

As Revenue Precision entered (aligning the plan for the next steps), the agreement was to start with a 4-month pilot where we would implement a well-trained and experienced SDR into the organisation, totally dedicated to scaling an outbound strategy.

Phase 0 - Why Revenue Precision?

A valuable network did the job - a previous collaboration introduced us to Klaus, and the rest is history.

We always care about building relationships and going beyond a strictly professional partnership - great things come from it, and in both ways.

Phase 1 - Outsourced SDR

Firstly, we needed to define what outputs lead to the success of closing deals. From this point, give some steps back, turning the spotlight to the top of the funnel and making the journey reverse to comprehend how to add value.

Knowing that most potential clients appeared from inbound processes or Klaus’ products were a wanted solution for them, the approach emerged almost immediately: to explore different/new markets and non-key accounts.

With that established, we began to explore brand-new opportunities from a different point of view. Now searching for “hidden” clients that needed Klaus’ platform but weren’t looking for it, thus generating leads and, then, qualifying for the AEs to, once again, finalise the arrangement with success.

Phase 2 - Partnership Extension

After the first 4-month-agreement, the results were notable, AEs maintained their business ratio at high levels but now with an extended range of prospects to negotiate. In addition, the SDR was more integrated into the company with an active internal Slack collaboration and more expertise in its products.

From this point on, not only did the impactful partnership continue, but they also selected our SDR to train the internal team and be responsible for onboarding new SDRs, sharing the knowledge and coordinating the strategy inside the organisation.

“A top-performing SDR who was able to book meetings in markets we were not leveraging.”


One of the main hindrances for Klaus when considering an outsourcing solution was the unpredictable scenario of whether the other company would truly understand its goals. We went beyond that, surpassing the first barrier by finding a great sync between both sides and becoming part of their team in the following stage.

A success story for all of us that truly brought our motto of "an extension of your team" to practical terms. We had to adapt to the company's ways and pursue the joint goals since we were 'literally' inside the organisation.

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