All the sales expertise and resources you need to grow your company.

We target relevant prospects with sequences built of personalized emails, warm dials & LinkedIn actions to book qualified demos in your sales team’s calendar.

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Our Solutions.

Sales services engineered to solve your sales flow problems.

SDR as a Service

Specialized in identifying potential buyers using intent data and other sources - pinpointing interested prospects and precisely engaging with them. You can expect more product demos and meetings scheduled into your calendar.

Sales Ops Consulting

Your trusted partner in optimizing sales operations, actively listening to your challenges and requirements. Working closely with you and leveraging data-driven insights and the latest AI tools to boost revenue. A true hands-on partnership!

SDR Manager

Immersing our extensive expertise in your sales processes to craft tailored strategies just for your team. We coach them, guide them, and together generate high-quality leads and reach revenue targets. We don't just talk strategy - we execute it!


Our DNA.


Reaching out to prospects in their own language has 20% better results, so we offer 8 languages and teach how you can do it as well.

Nail positioning

We know getting your market position right and understanding the differentiated value you offer, is what will make you win.


13+ years of outbound sales in various industries and diverse languages.

Trust the Results.

Three years (and counting...) of more revenue with higher precision.

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Our Clients.

This is why we do
what we do.

VP of Sales
Frank Lombos

"Their mindset is different, always focused on going beyond your initial targeted audience, industry, and markets."

Distance Sales
Head of Revenue
Lona Alia

"We gained a top-producing SDR team without needing to hire or train (...) no need for oversight and management."

Annika Ülem

"Impressive time planning, booking meetings with valuable prospects that lead us to our goals."

Head of Sales
Bob Mulder

"A top-performing SDR who was able to book meetings in markets we were not leveraging."


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