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A Cheat Code for Bounced Email Addresses.

Experienced or not in outbound sales, there's one thing you should know when we talk about cold emails - optimising your inbox volume needs to be one of your top priorities.

A common problem that significantly impacts deliverability, hence in your results overall, is: bounced email addresses.

So, let's deep dive into this and find a solution to the problem, or, more precisely, a cheat code.


Let’s say you take your time to prepare and schedule new leads into a personalised email sequence. The technology, independently of the sales tools you’re using, still needs to ‘guess’ the emails before sending them. You might only be able to reach 25 out of the 30 prospects you were targeting, depending entirely on the number of emails provided by the sales tool you’re using. Not only does this get in the way of contacting all your target personas and companies, plus your sequence does not reach its full capacity, leaving some ‘free spots‘.


There’s where we come in! As an Outbound Sales Agency, we're on top of the latest sales technologies. So, we rely on and implement powerful tools such as Apollo to overcome the bounced emails challenge. By leveraging Apollo Plays, we can automatically set up a feature that allows you to replace a lead that bounced (no email found) with the next on your target list. You don’t need to worry anymore about those 5 prospects you missed out on because now, they will be replaced by new (and better!) ones.

Cheat Code

We prepared a short guide - simple and easy 👇

1. Go to Apollo.io - sign up or log in

2. On the top bar click on ‘Plays‘

3. Select the ‘New Play’ option

4. Click X, or ‘Create from Scratch’ - no template

5. Play Details: Target type choose ‘People’

6. Configuration: Run this play… ‘When a specific event occurs’ - select ‘Email Bounced’

7. Actions: Turn off ‘Create an alert to take action’

8. Actions Turn on ‘Automate these actions’ - select ‘Create Account Task’

  • Type: Action Item
  • Assign to: Account owner
  • Priority: High
  • Due in: 1
  • Note: Replace the bounced contact with a new one

9. Click on ‘Save changes’ - on the top right

BONUS: Prepare a play that adds bounced contacts into a LinkedIn and calls-only sequence.

There you go!

Higher precision strategies that’s what we’re always looking for.

Written by
Tomás Silva